Welcome to XMPPify

A free public XMPP server

Usage Policy

Don't break my server and you can use it.

Don't ruin it for everybody and you can use it.

Don't use this for anything illegal.

No spamming.

I reserve the right to block or delete accounts or IPs as necessary.

I may remove inactive accounts unused for 6 months or more.

I will remove accounts that are registered but were never used within 30 days.

I have limited disk space. So I may purge more data as necessary.

I reserve the right to change my Usage and Privacy Policy as I wish.

Privacy Policy

This server logs the normal amount of default logging via Apache and Prosody.

This server keeps your username and password (in hashed format).

This server keeps a list of your contacts for Roster purposes.

This server keeps a copy of your offline messages until they are sent to your device.

Messages are kept in an sqlite database due to mod_mam. It is set for 1 week archiving.

This server keeps copies of files sent via mod_http_upload. A cron job cleans up files older than 1 week.

This server keeps track of your clients' push endpoint via mod_cloud_notify.

I will not read your chats. I really recommend encrypting them for more privacy.

What else?

Why another XMPP server? I thought it would be fun to setup. The privacy and security aspects of it also interest me.

This server is missing 2 particular features: MUC and SOCKS5 Bytestreams. If those are important to you, sorry.

This service is free. I'll try to maintain uptime. But please understand I have limited time myself.

Recommended XMPP Clients

  • For Android: Conversations
  • For iOS: ChatSecure
  • For iOS: Monal IM
  • I haven't tried any other clients. This server is almost fully compliant with Conversations. Use that for the best experience.

    I hope more clients start supporting Push Notifications, HTTP Upload, and OMEMO.